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Chronological guide to reading the intertwined Grumpy Old Wizards and Wizards of Seattle series

The Grumpy Old Wizards series and Wizards of Seattle series currently run together with some crossover episodes. Here is the list of the proper order of the books from oldest at the top to newest at the bottom of the list: 

1: Grumpy Old Wizards (Grumpy Old Wizards Series # 1)

2: Corruption (Grumpy Old Wizards Series # 2) 

3: Dark Energy (Grumpy Old Wizards Series # 3) 

4: Light Energy (Grumpy Old Wizards Series # 4) 

5: Terramezic Energy (Grumpy Old Wizards # 5)

6: Inheritance (Wizards of Seattle # 1) 

7: Light Energy (Grumpy Old Wizards # 6) 

8: Escape (Wizards of Seattle # 2)

9: Invasion (Grumpy Old Wizards # 7)

10: Lost City of Sorianne (Grumpy Old Wizards # 8) (Crossover episode with some Wizards of Seattle characters)

11: Liquid Crystal (Wizards of Seattle # 3) (Crossover episode with main characters from Grumpy Old Wizards)